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5 Reasons Why It’s An Excellent Time To Buy Leather Tiles For Walls And Floors

Time to Buy Leather

When you think of leather, you probably imagine high-end fashion items like luggage bags, gloves, shoes, and jackets. But did you know that leather was once a popular wallpaper?

That’s right. From the eighth century and for a good eight hundred years after that, leather was used to adorn the walls of wealthy homes across Europe. But in the sixteenth century, the availability of a myriad of materials led to its falling out.

Fast-forward a few centuries later, and we see a fairly recent and growing trend of leather wall and floor covers.

Leather wall and floor decor has made a comeback. And that’s exactly why it’s a prime time to buy it.

So what exactly makes leather such a strong choice for interior walls and floors right now?

Here are five major reasons:


#1: Leather Is Now Easier To Install

There’s a new industry in town and it’s developed a way to mass-produce easy-to-install leather floor and wall tiles. Perceiving new possibilities for further innovation, suppliers have developed moveable installation systems out of adhesives like velcro.

Blackstock has developed magnetic tiles that can be instantly moved or replaced. Once the metal substrate is installed to the floor or wall surface, homeowners rearrange, move, or replace old tiles within minutes.


#2: Leather Is still Considered A Fresh, Unique Material

Leather has practically been around since the dawn of time. But leather floor and wall tiles are a relatively new innovation. Nowadays, decorators are looking for a materials that are more versatile than solid wood or fiberglass. They’re also looking for more natural resources to replace synthetics.


#3: Leather Is A Renewable Resource

Leather is a renewable and sustainable material because it comes from animals. As long as the beef industry exists, leather will be a environmentally-conscious way to redeem the cowhides that would otherwise be going to landfills by the container load.

Of course, not everyone is comfortable with animal products. In such cases, high-quality faux leather is a great “vegan” option.


#4: Leather Is More Affordable For Homeowners

With a new industry comes the need to move product, and that means lower prices.

Leather wall and floor tiles were initially taken up by commercial buildings – in the lobbies of hotels, on the walls and ceilings of corporate offices and board rooms, and on the bars and walls of upscale restaurants.

Today, lower prices have opened the industry to the floors and walls of homeowners looking for something truly unique and sophisticated.


#5: Leather Has Become Even More Versatile

Once limited to brown, black, and red, leather can now be custom dyed to practically any color. It can also be modified through texture, embossing, distressing, and engraving.

Leather tiles can be customized to just about any shape or size, and can even conform to curved walls and other architectural features that regular hardwood can’t. Some manufacturers combine leather tiles with hardwood frames, adding a further dimension to floor designs.

While leather tiles are soft on the feet, they’re also safe to tread on in shoes. Over time, leather develops a rich patina as it wears, which many people feel improves the character and charm of the leather.

If properly cared for, leather tiles will last 50 years or more.


Choose Leather Tiles For Exceptional Interior Decor

Leather floor and wall tiles provide an unmatched warmth, comfort, and aesthetic to interior spaces, and now is a smart time to invest in an installation. If you need some guidance and inspiration for your next interior design project, please contact us.

Steve Manchee
Steve is the Founder, President and Owner of Blackstock Leather Inc. Blackstock is well known for their high quality leather solutions for architectural and interior designs. Blackstock specializes in leather FLOOR and WALL tiles, and have solid partnerships with high quality tanneries. Steve has 50+ years experience working with leather & delights in sharing his knowledge freely with Interior Designers and Architects, making their life easier and less complicated when it comes to leather designs and architectural concepts. Steve is also the inventor and creator of the "Magnetic Leather Floor" and "Magnetic Wall Tiles".