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About Us

Blackstock Leather Inc. is located in a 19th century schoolhouse in a community north of Toronto, Canada.

Stephen Manchee, the founder of Blackstock, grew up on a farm across the road from this charming 140-year-old schoolhouse. His brothers attended school here while their father, Charles Manchee, worked in a nearby tannery.

In 1962, Charles Manchee bought the building to house his own leather company. The company was very successful and sold in 1989 but the building remained in the family. Today, that schoolhouse is the headquarters of Blackstock Leather Inc.

Starting at age twelve Stephen cut swatches and swept the floor at his family leather company. A lengthy apprenticeship, language studies, training in Europe and world travel all contribute to Stephen’s extensive knowledge of leather. He hopes to instill in others to have the same appreciation and respect for the product of his life’s work – leather.

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