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4 Ways Magnetic Leather Tiles Are Changing How We Decorate Spaces


If you didn’t think you could work with leather, you might want to reconsider.

Leather installation is not what it used to be a few decades ago. In fact, recent innovations have brought leather tiles into the twenty-first century with more aesthetic possibilities than ever.

Enter the magnetic tiling system. It’s one of the ways manufacturers have made leather tiles easy to not only install but also reconfigure at the drop of a hat (more on this below).

And it’s now easier than even to bring fascination and fun as well as a bit of old-school appeal to all kinds of spaces with leather wall and floor tiles.

So without further ado, here are four ways magnetic leather tiles are changing the industry, and what makes them so appealing.


#1: Leather Wall And Floor Tiles Are Easier Than Ever To Install

Leather wall coverings used to be permanent.

They still are, if you opt for leather panels, but are harder to install. Leather panels are usually glued to a plywood substrate, which has been screwed into the existing drywall. Installation can be daunting, and redecoration will be more limited once they’re set. Removing a leather panel installation means damaging the drywall beneath it.

Fortunately, there is an alternative in the form of magnetic leather tiles.

Here’s how the portable system works. Full grain leather is attached to a flexible magnet backing, and the tiles are installed on a metal substrate. The leather tiles come in myriad colors and shapes and can be customized with embossing and laser engraving.


#2: Leather Installations Are A Less Permanent Part Of Interior Design Than They Used To Be

With a magnetic tiling system, leather tiles can be swapped in and out within minutes. Colors can be combined, mixed and matched to suit just about any style, whether traditional or contemporary.

This means not only can you switch up your decor on a whim, you can also take the tiles with you if you move. All you need to do is make sure a metallic substrate or surface is put in place in the new space so your tiles will stick.


#3: Leather Tiles Can Now Suit The Needs Of Busy Homes And Offices

While leather is a durable and versatile material on its own, savvy homeowners will be happy to know that magnetic leather tiles are easy to remove and replace – without affecting the surrounding arrangement of tiles. If you spill wine on one tile and can’t seem to rub it off, simply remove the damaged tile and put a fresh one in its place.

This flexible system works wonders in floor installations of fast-paced office spaces. Tiles can quickly be rearranged to suit reconfigurations of the space, or easily removed in the event of sub-floor maintenance.

Furthermore, leather itself is a high-quality, low-maintenance material. It only needs the occasional vacuuming and wiping down with soapy water. And depending on the finish, it should be buffed and waxed every so often. Proper maintenance can extend a leather tile’s life to at least 50 years.


#4: Leather Tiles Give Designers More Creative Agency

With the flexibility afforded by a portable magnetic tiling system, interior designers and decorators can flex their creative muscles and let their imaginations run wild. Once installed, there’s nothing to hinder you from redecorating and reconfiguring your wall or floor tiles. Change color schemes, add new color accents, or switch up rectangular tiles for a triangular arrangement. It’s up to you!

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Steve Manchee
Steve is the Founder, President and Owner of Blackstock Leather Inc. Blackstock is well known for their high quality leather solutions for architectural and interior designs. Blackstock specializes in leather FLOOR and WALL tiles, and have solid partnerships with high quality tanneries. Steve has 50+ years experience working with leather & delights in sharing his knowledge freely with Interior Designers and Architects, making their life easier and less complicated when it comes to leather designs and architectural concepts. Steve is also the inventor and creator of the "Magnetic Leather Floor" and "Magnetic Wall Tiles".