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5 Practical Reasons To Use Leather For Interior Design

Leather For Interior Design

What many people don’t realize is that leather takes the form of not only upholstery but also flooring and wall coverings. Inherent flame retardancy and acoustic absorption are among the advantages leather brings to interior spaces, from homes to hotels, office spaces, museums, galleries, boutiques, and commercial buildings. The possibilities for this natural finish material are endless and well worth exploring for your next project. Here are 5 practical reasons to use leather for your next Interior Design project.


#1: Leather is Durable and Long-Lasting

Leather outlasts the most durable fabrics and will remain hardy through exposure to sun, heat, and years of wear. At the same time, leather becomes more supple and develops character as it ages, which makes it a wise investment indeed.

Once installed by experts, a leather tile floor lasts a lifetime. The historic Frelinghuysen Morris House and Studio in Lenox, Massachusetts, for example, was able to preserve its natural leather flooring for more than three quarters of a century before installing new tiles. But if you’re a homeowner who plans on moving some time soon, a portable magnetic floor tiling system might be a more savvy investment. With Blackstock’s magnetic leather tiling system installed as flooring or a wall cover, you can remove the tiles yourself within minutes and take them with you wherever you relocate.


#2: Leather is Versatile and Flexible

Both real and faux leather come in many different forms, shapes, and colors, which makes them easy to incorporate into just about any decor style or installation. Leather can be found as a finish material in chairs as well as countertops, headboards, wall coverings, and even floor tiles.

As mentioned earlier, a magnetic floor tiling system opens up a whole new set of possibilities for home and office. Instead of using the traditional adhesive method of installation, leather tiles are given a magnetic backing and adhered to a metal substrate. Not only does this allow homeowners to change up their floor plan with a new arrangement or color scheme, but it also makes subfloor repairs in office spaces much more labor- and cost-effective.


#3: Leather Requires Little Maintenance

Leather is a great option for busy spaces and lifestyles. Whereas many fabrics require special solvents or costly procedures to keep them clean, leather can be maintained with a clean cloth to capture dust and wipe up spills.


#4: Environmental Sustainability

While not all tanneries and leather suppliers are equal in their commitment to sustainability, recent developments by a few have led to significant improvements in the industry as a whole. Blackstock is actively seeking the most environmentally-sustainable methods possible for sourcing, producing, and enhancing its product lines. One such method has been to invent the magnetic leather tiling system, which promotes reusability of floor and wall tiles. Another example is using water-based finishes only. Furthermore, the company has created innovative leather products like its Basic line to divert more valuable material from area landfills. It sources its raw materials from tanneries that are globally recognized for their eco-friendly practices.


#5: A Holistic Aesthetic Experience

Leather combines traditional aesthetic and ancient techniques with contemporary innovations to meet the needs of today’s interiors. While commonly associated with luxury and status, leather is also a natural material that can bring a timeless beauty to any space.

Perhaps most remarkable is leather’s appeal to our sense of smell as well as sight, touch, and sound. No other natural material moves us like leather, and brands that want to create a remarkable customer experiences would do well to capitalize on its unique and memorable aroma.


Using Leather for Home Decor

Depending on how it is used, leather can add either a feminine or masculine feel to a space, a contemporary sleekness or timeless aesthetic. With a wide range of colors, shapes, forms and textures, and custom services to choose from, leather can suit any style and space requirements. For more inspiration, check out the photo gallery full of beautiful leather installations from our clients.


Steve Manchee
Steve is the Founder, President and Owner of Blackstock Leather Inc. Blackstock is well known for their high quality leather solutions for architectural and interior designs. Blackstock specializes in leather FLOOR and WALL tiles, and have solid partnerships with high quality tanneries. Steve has 50+ years experience working with leather & delights in sharing his knowledge freely with Interior Designers and Architects, making their life easier and less complicated when it comes to leather designs and architectural concepts. Steve is also the inventor and creator of the "Magnetic Leather Floor" and "Magnetic Wall Tiles".