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Leather Tile Flooring: Advantages and Things to Consider

Leather Tile Flooring

Leather tile flooring has more advantages for interior spaces than most people think. Beyond its rich texture, its warmth and soft feel, and the trademark aroma people have come to associate with it, leather has been further adapted to suit the dynamic, eco-conscious landscape of today’s interiors.



The best material for interior floors will strike the right balance between tradition and modern style, which leather does very well. But there’s more to it than that. No other flooring material can boast of leather’s “character factor” – the rich luster known as patina that develops as leather ages and is unique to every environment. Leather doesn’t just age gracefully, its appearance improves with age.

Its other major advantage is durability. In fact, Blackstock’s floor and wall tiles are made from the same tanned and waxed leather as that of shoe soles. Though soft, leather isn’t vulnerable to denting or nicking and, with the exception of sunrooms and bathrooms, can be installed in most areas of the home where foot traffic is moderate.

Leather is inherently fire-retardant and sound-absorbent.

Leather is naturally soft and flexible, which means it can be debossed with graphics through a process involving heat and pressure. Even the highest quality leather comes in a wide range of colors and sizes to suit any style.


Things to Consider

When it comes to installing your leather floor tiles, you have more than one option with Blackstock. Our leather can be installed in one of two ways:

  1. Adhesive for strength and permanence.

This is the traditional method of installing leather floor tiles, and it’s perfect if you want to stick with one floor plan for decades to come. Blackstock tiles installed with adhesive will either require latex contact cement or latex adhesive, depending on the product line.

Installing leather floor tiles requires the rare expertise of a leather installer and should always be handled by professionals to ensure the longest possible enjoyment of your new floor.

  1. Magnetic for adaptability.

Blackstock’s revolutionary magnetic system allows homeowners and corporations to change, remove, and reconfigure the tiles themselves, within minutes. This not only protects your investment in these valuable leather tiles, but also prevents potentially ruining the tiles due to removal for repairs or renovations.

Here’s how it works. The installation of magnetic tiles includes a steel substrate so that the tiles can be adhered simply and securely to the floor. The tiles are made of 100 percent full grain cowhide with a flexible magnetic backing. Rearranging the tiles can be achieved simply by peeling and replacing them. If one of your tiles needs to be cleaned or is damaged, the magnetic system allows you to remove it without disturbing the surrounding pieces.

Workplaces benefit especially from the adaptability of this system. For instance, when under-floor cabling in office environments need to be accessed, they can be reached without damage to the floor tiles or the added cost of an installer.

Temporary installations in showrooms or quick updates to the look of a space are greatly facilitated with this system. In the spring of 2017, for example, Blackstock installed a magnetic leather tiling system in the Cartier building in New York City. This installation featured triangular leather tiles that were embossed and incorporated a four-color scheme. Likewise, homeowners can add in accent colors, mix and match shapes, or completely reconfigure their original layout. When relocating, you can even take the tiles with you.


Are you ready to explore your options?

Visit our product line pages to get inspired or talk to a leather expert at Blackstock.

Steve Manchee
Steve is the Founder, President and Owner of Blackstock Leather Inc. Blackstock is well known for their high quality leather solutions for architectural and interior designs. Blackstock specializes in leather FLOOR and WALL tiles, and have solid partnerships with high quality tanneries. Steve has 50+ years experience working with leather & delights in sharing his knowledge freely with Interior Designers and Architects, making their life easier and less complicated when it comes to leather designs and architectural concepts. Steve is also the inventor and creator of the "Magnetic Leather Floor" and "Magnetic Wall Tiles".