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Magnetic vs. Adhesive

Leather appeals to us on a very basic level, touch. It feels good to wear and the sensuality carries through to its Blackstock tiles may be installed using our innovative magnetic system or traditional adhesive method. Each has its own strengths and is recommended for particular applications.

Magnetic for flexibility

With magnetic application, your installation becomes:drawers

  • Portable—when you move, simply lift your magnetic-backed tiles and move them with you
  • Reconfigurable—change your look by re-laying tile on a 45° or according to a stack pattern or brick pattern
  • Updatable—Update your look by adding new accent tiles
  • Repairable—make quick, easy, cost-effective repairs by lifting and replacing damaged tiles only
  • Accessible—in raised-floor office environments, gain easy access to under-floor cabling by removing tiles covering access panels
  • Maintainable—each tile can be individually removed, massaged, cleaned and replaced without disturbing the surrounding tiles

With the exception of Silk Road Leather WALL TILES, all Blackstock tiles may be installed using our magnetic system.

Our magnetic application must be used to install Tapestry Leather Tiles.

Adhesive for strength

With adhesive application, your installation gains strength (but loses portability). With the exception of Tapestry, all Blackstock tiles may be installed using latex contact cement. Latex adhesive must be used to install Silk Road wall tiles.