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What are leather floor and wall tiles?
Leather floor and wall tiles are made from vegetable-tanned cowhide. The floor and wall tiles are made from the same material used to manufacture shoe soles. Vegetable tannage, which uses tree bark as the tanning agent, creates a very durable and versatile product. After tanning the tiles are dyed with a combination of aniline dye and wax solution, which is driven into the tile under pressure to create a beautiful finish. Tiles are 100% full natural grain leather.
Why buy leather floor or wall tiles?
Leather tiles create a luxurious environment that is both warm and welcoming. Their versatility allows interiors to be either contemporary or traditional. As soon as you enter a room with a leather floor or wall, you are surrounded by a subtle, inviting aroma. Warm to the touch, your leather floor and wall tiles will provide years of enjoyment. Leather tiles help absorb sound, making them an excellent choice for boardrooms, screening rooms, libraries, dens and bedrooms. The leather tiles are also naturally fire retardant. Their design is timeless!
Is leather flooring right for every application?
We recommend the following applications: Residential use: Bedrooms, Libraries, Dens, Family Rooms, Home Theatres, Living and Dining Rooms. Commercial use: Hotels, Libraries, Executive Offices, Conference Rooms, Reception Areas, Retail and Hospitality, Galleries, Theatres, Museums and Showrooms.
Are there any applications not suitable for leather floor and wall tile?
Leather floor tiles are not recommended in high moisture areas, such as bathrooms, kitchens, entrances and exits to and from outside. Environments that are extremely dry, with less than 20% average humidity, or in direct sunlight. Leather tiles develop a rich patina over time and are affected by traffic levels as well as sunlight and humidity, just like fine pieces of furniture.
Will my leather floor last?
Yes. Blackstock Leather has completed numerous high profile projects that look even better today than the day they were installed.
Is there a minimum order?
50 sq. ft for the standard colour palette (14 stock colours available) and 300 sq. ft. for custom colours. A 5% overage is suggested on all orders.
What sizes are available?
The leather tiles are available in 16 standard sizes. The sizes available are: 18, 16, 14, 12, 11, 10, 8, 6″ sq., 12″x 18″, 6″x 18″, 6″x 12″, 3″x 12″, 2.5″x 12″, 2.5″x 8″ & 2.5″x 12″ left & right chevron, 50cm x 50cm carpet tile inlay size.