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Leather Tiles

Leather appeals to us on a very basic level, touch. It feels good to wear and the sensuality carries through to its use on floors and walls. We call our emotions “feelings” and we care most deeply when something “touches us”. Leather can be experienced through sight, sound, touch and most importantly, smell. No other sense influences memory more than the sense of smell. It communicates a whole range of sensations. It’s contribution to human mobility and contact with other cultures was integral to social evolution. In furniture, clothing, technology, through love and war, on floors and walls, leather remains humankind’s oldest manufactured product.

Through tradition and innovation, experience the sensual pleasure of quality leather floor and wall tiles designed by nature itself. Timeless surfaces which maintain their exquisite beauty.

Blackstock Leather Inc. embraces ancient techniques to bring contemporary leather floor and wall tiles for today and a lifetime. Tiles that can move with you through life and location. Yes, now they can come with you!

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