A Practical Assessment: Leather Floor Tiles – Pros And Cons

Leather Floor Tiles Pros Cons
Are leather floor tiles the best option for your next flooring project? While not suited for every environment, leather floor tiling presents many surprising advantages over conventional floor materials. Following is a review of the benefits and potential issues of leather tile flooring.   Leather Floor Tiles - The Pros #1: Aesthetic Appeal If leather has one major advantage over conv...
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A Quick History Of The Leather Tanning Industry

History Of The Leather Tanning Industry
The history of the leather tanning industry dates further back than you can imagine, and it’s unlikely we’d be where we are today without leather. Since prehistoric times, leather has been an essential tool in almost every aspect of life. Leather can be made into a light and fabric-like vellum or a hard book cover. It can form soft, delicate gloves as well as impenetrable armour. Leather be...
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